An all-in-one control panel gives you the power to scan photos or documents without having to initiate a scanning session on the screen. It provides a simple and straightforward control over the scanning process. With the newly added functions and updated features, the ScanWizardDI let you perform a quick and accurate scan which save your time and make your work more efficiently.

■ Preset Setting
Preset Setting feature allows you to save current image settings as a preset setting with a user-defined name. The saved preset setting can be loaded later when needed, which saves time and brings convenience if you consistently work in a specific format, scan the same kind of the images, or if the scanner is shared to use by others who have their own image settings. The Preset Setting Wizard is another choice to create your own preset setting, which is a simple and easy way without any complicated procedures. If it is your first time to use the Preset Setting function, it is recommended to use this wizard to help you accomplish your first preset setting.

■ Sides of Material
Allows you to specify settings for different sides of documents separately when you are going to proceed a duplex scanning.

■ Improved Auto-crop
With a new algorithm, the auto-crop function automatically detects the size of the original image, crops the full scan frame to fit the image, and removes unwanted black borders after the scan. It improves the capability of auto-crop to fit the image accurately.


■ Improved Auto-deskew
With a new algorithm, the auto-deskew function automatically rotates and corrects the distorted image for proper alignment after the scan.

■ Document Enhancement
Document Enhancement feature brings out and improves the readability of text in a document that includes other elements such as color, pictures, or graphs.


■ Automatic Color Restoration
Automatic Color Restoration feature brings faded colors back to life and to their near-original colors.



■ Color Dropout
Red, green, and blue colors can be dropped out to allow the scanned images and data to be presented more clearly for use in OCR and data capture application.


■ Multiple scan frames
Multiple scan frames feature lets you create as many frames within the main frame as you wish and set as many different scan frame attributes as you require. With this feature, you can scan a document mixed with text and pictures in different frame settings to fulfill your requirements.

(In the example shown here, there are one main frame and two sub frames created based on different needs toward scanned materials.)